Vegan Chipotle Quinoa Recipe

Sometimes, you crave a warm homey meal that just hits the spot. Then you start remembering that old fashioned chili soup your mom made when you were growing up or the yummy chili soup from your fav local restaurant. Yes, it's good to have it the old fashion way from time to time. But why … Continue reading Vegan Chipotle Quinoa Recipe

2 days of Bean and Kale burritos🌯

So after a Super Bowl Mexican feast, I decided to go vegetarian for a week. We had Carne Azada this Super Bowl, as many Hispanic BBQs call for. Although, it is totally not unhealthy to eat Carne Azada (after all, it's grilled protein) , sometimes our bodies just need to detox from animal products. Naturally, … Continue reading 2 days of Bean and Kale burritos🌯

How to believe in yourself when life gets in the way

Health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a diet and not a chore. You create your excuses. Why not create your own success instead.

Make your own Quinoa Salad

First of all, why Quinoa?!Quinoa is AMAZING! It's pronounced"Keen-wah" (I use to sound it out as "Kee-no-ah" Habit of a spanish tongue.) Believe it or not, not too long ago I discovered this amazing protein-rich superfood. It was probably the year 2015 when really I started to become familiar with it and cook it. This … Continue reading Make your own Quinoa Salad

Say yes to the flautas, because it’s about balance.

"Ven a la casa hijo. Cocine tus favoritas flautas de carne deshebrada. Vengan a comer," says my mother in law from time to time. That means she wants us to go over her place and eat the fried shredded beef tacos she made. My husband responds by smiling then looks at me for approval. I … Continue reading Say yes to the flautas, because it’s about balance.