5. Going distances

Three women who have never traveled far dared to go on an adventure halfway around the world. They are mothers, wives, and whole hearted givers. While they enjoy being there for their families, it was time to take a necessary journey into fulfilling their own individual spirit. We are constantly givers. Don't forget to give … Continue reading 5. Going distances

Hiking on your own

It's understandable how worrisome and concerned others may get when we want to do things on our own. Especially for women, you sort of have to think twice before going somewhere on your own. Yes, there are certain dangers and risks we may take. However, we just need to be clever, cautious, but fearless. I … Continue reading Hiking on your own

My personal journey video! Chasing health!

My personal journey video ! I want to share how my health crisis shaped the person I am today. It shaped the passion I have for my health and fitness. In addition, it helped fueled the fire I have in me to motivate others.❤️💕 https://www.facebook.com/fit4vida/videos/1613849238691110/ "It taught me how to believe in myself and how … Continue reading My personal journey video! Chasing health!

How does the SUNSET make you feel? Studies show it can make you feel happy.

When was the last time you saw the sunset? Do you remember how it made you feel? https://www.facebook.com/fit4vida/videos/1589022781173756/ "You feel alive yet a sense of transcending peace. You feel connected with the life around you. As you share the same sun rays, the same breeze. You feel the invincibility you constantly seek in life." That … Continue reading How does the SUNSET make you feel? Studies show it can make you feel happy.

1.Chasing the Sun

Like hundreds and hundreds of women around the world, I work a full time office job. I spend most of my waking hours inside four walls. I get up in the mornings, get ready, drop off my son to his grandma's, and transport myself to work. Even this automobile has me trapped in some way. … Continue reading 1.Chasing the Sun