About Nezza

I’m on a mission to inspire and motivate others, especially women. I am passionate about health, fitness, and exploring the world.

I create content to inspire and motivate women worldwide. My main goal is to connect women from all over the world by talking about issues that matter, issues you don’t hear much about, and issues that we can all relate to.

Through my personal Facebook and Instagram posts, I share inspiration. I especially love to create videos to shine light on special topics for women. These videos can be found throughout some blog posts under “From One Woman to Another”. However, it is actually a Facebook channel I have proudly built. It is more than a Facebook page, it is a community where we can relate and support one another.

Please check it out here:

From One Woman To Another

I am also passionate about humanitarian work and language. I’ve volunteered for years in my local rehabilitation hospital helping Spanish speaking patients communicate with their clinicians. I’ve also worked in finding ways for individuals to communicate utilizing the latest technology available.

The diversity found in language is amazing and I love to help and support others! One of my goals is to gain experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages. I believe besides the language part, it’s important to teach confidence, compassion, and connection to the listener.

Through my own personal struggles and blessings, I am more inspired than ever. Live your dreams! Dare yourself to do things that scare you, things you’ve always wanted to do. Experience things and don’t be afraid to feel things. All of this will add more wisdom for you to GIVE others! Keep going…