5. Going distances

Three women who have never traveled far dared to go on an adventure halfway around the world. They are mothers, wives, and whole hearted givers. While they enjoy being there for their families, it was time to take a necessary journey into fulfilling their own individual spirit. We are constantly givers. Don’t forget to give yourself that sense of independence and wander. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with a beautiful getaway with your girls. Would you like to do this trip with your girlfriends?

Just like climbing up this Great Wall of China, push yourself to make it through your life journey. So many things in life make you want to give up on your ambitions, dreams, and goals. However, remind yourself that you’re not alone. You’re almost there!

I took my mother and sister to the trip of our Lifetime this summer. We went to Thailand and Beijing, China. This video depicts some of our journey in Beijing, China.

I had to overcome several obstacles in order to make this trip possible. One of those obstacles was to overcome stereotypes of what a woman can or cannot do on her own. I had to overcome fierce judgement from certain family members and friends. In addition, I had to finally bid farewell to corporate America. It kept me grounded for too long. Waiting for approved time off was keeping my life experiences limited. Overall, the year of 2018 was a challenging time in my life where I faced several life changing decisions.

My job, as usual, did not give me the time off for this trip. I knew this was most likely going to happen, so I saved up as much as I could, sold a bunch of stuff, and gave my two weeks notice. I was nervous. I was sick to my stomach in going through with my job resignation. However, it was time to let go of my comfort zone and explore what was out there. Something inside of me told me to pursue this path. The calling was stronger than ever. I was ok with worrying about my financial situation after I came back from my trip.

Secondly, my marriage was already in turmoil. It was romantically nonexistant and I was doing things on my own more often. In addition, I did not have his support for this trip. He saw this trip as a “selfish act” and that of a “horrible mother”. He gave me an ultimatum. “Either this trip or our marriage”. I wanted this trip so much. I had always dreamed of traveling but always put it on hold for him. It was finally time for me to go. I tried to make him understand. He needed to open his mind. I prayed about it. Until, finally, one day he came to me as I cried in my mom’s spare room (I was staying in my mom’s house for some time). He said he understood now and that it was ok for me to go. It was good timing because I was actually ready to give up on the idea of going on this trip. I didn’t want this trip to be the reason why my marriage was officially over. I was ready to finally dealing with the pain and suffering of my marriage. I was ready to let go of it. But, I guess I held off on it now that he was ok with me going on this trip. I had his permission. I was a woman who needed permission for everything.

However, this trip was an eye opener. It felt amazing to be free and see places in the world you’ve always admired. To connect with other people accross the world was even more memorable. Traveling with my mother, a woman who’s always held the traditional role of a wife and mother, inspired me so much. My sister, who is also a mother of two, inspired me as well. We broke through stereotypes and pressures to be here. I realized, why feel guilty for wanting to go distances? Why allow others to judge you and manipulate your emotions that way? We give up so much of ourselves in our daily lives. There is nothing wrong with going to see the world for a short time. This trip was not just a physical adventure… it was a spiritual one. I connected with myself again. I remembered that young girl that always admired the world’s beauty and imagined what it was like to see it. I felt incredibly free and finally, a sense of true belonging. Exploring the world gives you something a nice fancy house cannot give you. Something my nature has always been calling for. Going distances… go there. Just as hard as the Great Wall of China was to climb, I feel like life always presents itself like this. It’s just up to our determination and resiliance. It’s in us.

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