My Weight-Loss Transformations


My Favorite Transformation:


LEFT: Me April 2015 RIGHT: January 2017

“Metamorphosis has always been the greatest symbol of change for poets and artists. Imagine that you could be a caterpillar one moment and a butterfly the next.” Louie Schwartzberg.

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I have several BEFORE and AFTERS of my weightloss. And this one means so much to me. LEFT: Brand new mommy. Back to work. Happy with new family life. However, I needed to find my purpose in the midst of all the chaos in my life. Chaos of a Mon-Fri job, 40 hours a week, cooking meals for my baby to take to the babysitters, cleaning, worried about school, financial hardships, etc. We do so much for others, as women. It was time I did something for myself. I needed to find myself again. I wanted something to motivate me and push me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to get in shape again and feel confident like I use to. RIGHT: Finally fitting in my PREBABY jeans. The girl on the left never thought it was possible, but you see… I stopped doubting and just did it. I almost teared up taking this picture because it was just so surreal. Sure, those jeans fit a little different, being a mommy now, but I was able to stick to a goal and do it. I learned to believe in myself again. I didn’t want to be skinny, I wanted to be comfortable, I wanted to be healthy, and I wanted to do it the old fashioned way—proper nutrition and exercise.

I started sharing my journey online about a year after the picture on the left. At first, I felt a little scared to start publicly sharing my journey. I didn’t know what to expect, really. I was scared what others might say, but it was worth a shot. My happiness depended on it. In result, not only did I lose a whole lot of weight, I gained so much knowledge and friendships that provided support and accountability. I also learned leadership skills and started to form a community of women with similar goals and lifestyles. I found a purpose to inspire others and help others too. I get daily messages of women feeling empowered, confident, and seeing results. I love the stories I have heard and I am more than happy to share my own. I still run this free group and would love to add any woman who needs the support.

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