Hiking on your own

It’s understandable how worrisome and concerned others may get when we want to do things on our own. Especially for women, you sort of have to think twice before going somewhere on your own. Yes, there are certain dangers and risks we may take. However, we just need to be clever, cautious, but fearless.

I use to pass on things simply because I was scared to do it on my own. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who is willing to do things YOU WANT with you. Usually, you give in to other’s preferences. I’ve always enjoyed running outdoors and hiking. However, those were two things I was told never to do on my own. I allowed the concern of others turn into my own fear. I eventually learned that this fear was hindering me from experiencing many things in life.

What did I do? I started challenging myself. I started doing more things on my own. The scarier they seemed, the more willing I was.

When I did go hiking on my own, I was so happy to see MORE women hiking than men. Usually, I also see several other women do it on their own. What’s going on here? Women have finally realized that we shouldn’t hold back anymore. We shouldn’t give in to the fear society has constantly tried to engrave in us.

Doing things on your own is a beautiful experience. You learn to accept yourself, love yourself, and find peace. You can cut the noise and finally listen to your intuition more and your inner voice. You become more of a grateful observer and appreciate everything around you so much more.

Hiking on our own— that’s just the beginning . We are powerful, strong, and resilient to challenges.

2 thoughts on “Hiking on your own

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is. But to feel fear, sometimes, is an indication of those adventures that are worth the effort. I did many things in my own this last year that I would have never imagined I was capable of. We underestimate our greatness until we dare ourselves to do it!

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