How does the SUNSET make you feel? Studies show it can make you feel happy.

When was the last time you saw the sunset? Do you remember how it made you feel?

“You feel alive yet a sense of transcending peace. You feel connected with the life around you. As you share the same sun rays, the same breeze. You feel the invincibility you constantly seek in life.”

That is my personal hippie description when remembering how the sunset makes me feel. What can I say? I LOVE NATURE. While personality might also play a huge role in this, there are other things to consider.

I believe that the more time people spend indoors and away from the sun, the more stressed, sad, and irritable they are. This is at least true for me. I’ve realized that I constantly need to “charge” up. In fact, it helps me so much, that I now try to take a walk everyday during my lunch break at work. Not only does being outdoors make me feel great in the moment, it also boosts my energy and makes my workday more productive. I tend to be in a better mood throughout the day and makes the office more bearable.Otherwise, I tend to feel cooped up, stressed, and fatigued when I’m in the office all day. As women, we can get caught up in the daily routine of life. We tend to overthink and overstress. Sometimes, we need to think OUTSIDE the box. We need to remember to take it slow and admire the small things. BREATHE IN AND OUT.

A study conducted by Stanford University (2015) shows that taking a walk in a natural environment significantly improves mood and depression. Part of this study showed a lower activity in the part of the brain associated with depression when individuals took a walk in a natural setting. In additions, the study showed individuals who lived in cities are more prone to mood disorders and depression. Is this due to the city fast-paced life? The daily pressures we must meet? Is this a lifestyle?

Here are some reasons why the outdoors and sunshine can make you feel HAPPY:

  1. Reduces Stress. Yes, nature has a way to reduce your blood pressure and just get you calm.
  2. Provides Vitamin D. This vitamin is so good for you. It has also been found to that high amounts of this vitamin decreases depression.
  3. Boosts you energy. Have you ever felt sleepy during work? Have you tried taking a break outdoors? The sunlight and vitamin D helps and gives you the boost you need.
  4. It keeps you active and healthy. Being outdoors means you have to move. In result, you are motivated to keep active and stay in shape.
  5. Allows for recreational and fun activities. Yes! Being outdoors means you can play soccer, baseball, fishing, hiking, or even dog walking. What is your favorite outdoor activity? Try one!
  6. Beneficial for your relationships. Have you taken your kids to the park? Or how about a nice hike with your significant other?Spending time together has never been this high quality since—ever!
  7. You get some clarity. It never felt so good to think about things by yourself and try to figure this life out. Taking a walk can help you clear your mind and make better decisions about your life. Things that seemed to bother you so much tend to not be a big deal anymore.
  8. Outdoors motivate you to see more. Yes! It motivates me to travel more and see the world. Traveling can make us happy because of how far you are able to go, the history behind each place, and the beauty there is. I’m sure soon enough you will want to travel too!
  9. It’s just darn BEAUTIFUL. Simple as that! Beauty makes anyone smile.

We must spread awareness on this issue and reshape our lifestyles, no matter what city we live in. It is more serious than we hear of. I am one in a million of women that can testify.

Anxiety and depression can get the best of me at times. Like many medical conditions, it can come and it can go. However, I have been able to overcome this on many occasions through a natural remedy. For me, fitness and outdoors has been the best medicine I’ve ever taken.

(On a side note: Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are some individuals who do not like the outdoors.  Some people may even be allergic to the sun. Everyone is different. )

However, if you haven’t tested this “outdoor boosts your mood” theory, I invite you to. If you spend most of your time indoors, try to plan some time outside and see what difference it makes. The sunset can be the only medicine we may need to help our moods, our relationships, and our healths. Life is too short not to enjoy the small things.

“Do you allow time to enjoy the simplest things in the most simplest places?”



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