1.Chasing the Sun

Like hundreds and hundreds of women around the world, I work a full time office job. I spend most of my waking hours inside four walls. I get up in the mornings, get ready, drop off my son to his grandma’s, and transport myself to work. Even this automobile has me trapped in some way. I get to work and sit my butt in a chair and work in front of a computer for eight hours, while the sun passes me above the ceiling over my head. It’s not until almost sunset when I get out of work. Sometimes, I day dream of climbing on the walls of my work with my four limbs while I growl at the rest of it’s inhabitants as they stare at me peculiarly.

(THAT WAS EXAGGERATED IMAGERY, just in case you’re wondering!). Either at my job or at my home, I don’t get as much sun as I would like. You get the point?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything technically wrong with this kind of lifestyle. I understand it’s sometimes necessary to live this way in order to survive the long list of responsibilities as mature adults we have. In addition, some people are okay with this lifestyle and like to stay indoors. However,  ME in particular (and I’m sure many of you too),  AM A CHILD OF NATURE. I need outdoors to feel completely satisfied.

As a working mom, or any type of mom to be honest, you tend to feel guilty for not spending every extra second and minute of your “free” time with your child.

“An hour to take a jog, can I do that? Am I being a horrible mom by leaving my son after work? What would my mother-in-law say? I have so many things to do at home. My husband needs me to cook for him. What if I get hurt? Is it safe out there? But I’m so out of shape, I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”

THE LIST OF SELF DOUBT, CRITICISM, AND FEAR WILL GO ON. All you need to do is stop and act on your passions. This the first video in my short-video clip series in order to inspire, motivate, and support women of different backgrounds. I hope you really enjoy it. Please like and share it in hopes it inspires someone else today!


  1. Just do it. Bottom line is YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE HOLDING YOURSELF BACK. Shift your mentality. You are worth every second of your life. Do not allow negative thoughts cloud your decisions. Do not neglect yourself for the sake of “being there for others”. In the end, you become an even more amazing individual with more to offer others if you start by taking care of yourself first.
  2.  Stop investing your time in people who either a) don’t show you any support or b) are directly criticizing or holding you back from your goals. Your time is precious. Yes, help people and continue to be compassionate and caring. However, don’t beg ANYONE to cheer, motivate, join, or contribute to your personal success. You’d be surprised of the people in your life who pull back from your passions and success. Most importantly, negative or toxic people must GO! If they are not willing to change, then there is just no other option but to move forward. I’m not saying to be a nasty person to them. Off course not! Continue to be YOU , be kind, be courteous, but sometimes, the nice guys catch on. You have to stop showing up for people who don’t necessarily show up for you! You will eventually find new people who are also interested in your similar goals.
  3. Start with one project and work on something everyday.  Your goals and passions might overwhelm you at times, especially if you feel like it is too much work and you’ll never get there. Stop thinking of how much work you need and just start. Start with a small project and contribute to it everyday. Are you making a website? Building a hot body? Planning the biggest getaway trip ever? Whatever you pursuit is, write it down and break it down to specifics. Create mini-goals every week. Get a planner. Write it all down! Work on the small things in order to finally one day create the bigger picture.
  4. Have a savings account. Yes…create a savings account for your particular goal. Set a budget for spending on this plan.
  5. Set a date or deadline. Force yourself to commit by publicly announcing this project or aspiration with a specific deadline or date. Use social media to your advantage, as I have in this form many many times. This will hold you accountable. “Every weekend, I am going to run outdoors!” is something I have posted in my own social-media account. For other things, set deadlines. Write it in your planner or your iPhone’s calendar.
  6. Pursue personal development books to free your mind. I recommend this step almost always for anything. It is what really works out your mind. You need to have the right mindset in order to achieve your goals and be FREE! Read EVERY SINGLE day. I’m not kidding. Reading personal development will not only boost your self-esteem and goal-driven mindset, it will give you vital knowledge that you will use one day on your ventures. I’m going to be frank with you. The times I have been in a crummy state of mind, are probably the times I was not reading my personal development. Some of my favorite authors: Grant Cardone, John Maxwell, and Jen Sincero.
  7. It’s ideal to spend some time on your own. But, you can also bring your kids sometimes! If its a workout, how can they do it with you? Can they come along to the park with me? Can I have someone watch them while I run? Can you travel with kids? How can you include them in your plans while still balancing some independent time? Overall, you’re setting an example. So keep going!
  8. Have fun! Have patience. Don’t give up. Love those most special around you. Share your journey. Be kind to people, make friends, don’t be afraid to be honest and vulnerable, be open minded to different traditions, and be a student in life. Always be willing to learn new experiences and skills.  



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