How to believe in yourself when life gets in the way

My Story on how life got in the way for me:
I’ve realized that health and fitness is a commitment and an important life point of view. It’s a healthy habit that you must abide to each and everyday no matter what.
It’s a lifestyle not a diet.

Kind of like brushing your teeth. You sorta HAVE to do it, each and everyday right? That is how I feel about my exercise and healthy eating. If I miss a day, I feel horrible…kinda like going to sleep without brushing my teeth. Yuck!

The hard part about this comparison is that it takes minimal effort to brush your teeth. And exercising and meal planning takes a WHOLE LOTTA energy and planning. However, I feel like both of these things are self care habits that EVERYONE should abide to each and everyday. They are both necessary in order to conserve and provide a longer fuller life.

If you are human like me (well, for the most part 👽) you go through so many stressors in life. Life really is an emotional roller coaster as we go through family, health, and financial hardships. Many of these stressors become excuses. Excuses to skip on health and fitness habits.

Last year (2016) I began my postpartum journey into health and fitness. With hard work, dedication, and support, I lost almost 40 lbs and got in good shape. I became toned and very knowledgeable on health and fitness, which I am still learning today. I also began to influence and motivate other women to start their own health and fitness journey. This is something which provided a great sense of happiness and fulfillment for me.

However, this year (2017) was a bigger struggle for me. Sometimes maintaining success is a bigger challenge than obtaining it. And that especially applies to weightloss / fitness. Although I still remain in better shape than post-baby, I gained some weight and lost sense of the dedication I had when I had barely started my journey. This was due to LIFE. Life happened and got me stressed out and I let my mind get the best of me. Excuses came flooding in.

As soon as I turned 30, I put so much pressure on myself. Life was not exactly how I pictured it would at this point when I graduated high school a long time ago. I had my bachelor degree but not the career I imagined. I got denied admission to the graduate program I wanted to start in for Fall 2017. I was still in my customer service job for ten years now, which is a blessing, however, not my life calling. My health was not that of an ideal 30 year old woman. My pregnancy with my son was a difficult one and my family and I are scared in having another child. On top of that, my fertility window is much more slim than other women. I can’t just say, “Let’s have another baby! Yeepee!” In fact, a trip to the OB/GYN doctor ended in tears as she discouraged me in trying again. I started envying other woman who had it easy. “Why me?” I kept asking. In addition, my relationship with my husband was also suffering as balancing parenthood and a romance was something we were new at. Confrontations with my boss, family members ill—-So many other things that happened in between all of this. I made so many excuses and reasons to feel sorry for myself. I felt like I was failing in life. I was forgetting to feel as motivated and full of life like I did when I started to lose the weight.

These worries began to be excuses of not eating right, splurging, and skipping on exercise. It began to be an excuse to constantly feel sad and start arguments with the people in my life. I was even lacking energy to play with my son. When I realized this, it just hit me. What am I doing?
How do you do it?! It’s all about MENTALITY.
I figured out, I cannot hold on to a list. What I need to do is LET GO. I need to let go of all these troubles and worries and simply accept them and walk around them. I must not allow them to interfere, or better yet, control my mentality, mood, and lifestyle. I must still believe in my goals and what I am truly meant for.
LIFE IS ALWAYS GOING TO GET IN THE WAY. Health and fitness is simply another habit that we should always participate in no matter what.
Many days I neglected this…and in result made my situation worse. As a matter of fact, the times I actually participated in health and fitness activities and support groups are the times I was happier. It has been proven that being part of physical exercise and support boost self esteem, relationships, and mood.
By the time the holiday’s came in 2017, I was in a better mindset. Although, I still enjoyed the holiday meals, I woke up from the self-damaging state of mind. I began to be determined instead. I was determined to be in control of my future. I wanted to be in the winner-mindset again. I restarted reading self development books, like The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I am willing to do what it takes to be happy and not let life get in the way of health and fitness. It is a lifestyle. It is a commitment. It is like a job. There are only limited sick days…your life depends on it.
It is easy to find excuses. It really is. Simply because there is always going to be one. The difference between a winner and a loser is their thinking. If you think like a winner you are going to be in control of the outcome no matter the given components. Realize that you DO have control over many things like your health and fitness. Do not add more to the list of downfalls. Instead, do what you can and conquer your goals. You can ultimately choose the path you’re going to walk. That is something I will remember for 2018.
Some things that will help me believe and stay on the right mindset:
1. Read everyday. This has to be something motivating like a self-help or self-development book and even the Bible. You have to broaden your knowledge and inspire your soul.
2.  Plan ahead. I’ve realized that the times I stay organized and plan my goals and how I will tackle them makes me feel like a total badass. Keeping control of things, like a schedule, will ultimately make you feel more in control and make things happen.Write down your goals for every week/month and how you will achieve them.
3. Surround yourself with positive and motivating people. People that remind you what your goals are! Join a support group. During the time of my emotional rollercoaster, I was not participating in a support group. So, as soon as the new year started I created another support group. I remembered how amazing it felt running these groups. Not just to help other women, but to help myself! If you have no idea how to get started on this, contact me, and I would be more than happy to add you to one of my groups.
4. Make time for fun and relaxing. This is something I hardly did when I was feeling down. I was so focused on getting things done that I did not make time for leisure. Leisure time is so important. It is not being lazy at all. I have to forget that negative connotation with leisure time. I have gto remember that leisure time is also a self-help behavior that boosts our overall mood and confidence.
5. Sleep more. Yes! Can any busy mamas feel me on this? We have to try to get at least about 7 or 8 hours at least.
6. Have a vision of your dreams and work on them like it’s your duty. Very important to always vision your future with your dreams as a reality. Find something you look forward to. Something that makes you a better person. Each day, you will find something that gives you purpose in order to pursue this goal. Make it a reality by working on it every single day.
Life does not have to get in the way of health and fitness… or any of your goals for that matter.

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