Say yes to the flautas, because it’s about balance.

“Ven a la casa hijo. Cocine tus favoritas flautas de carne deshebrada. Vengan a comer,” says my mother in law from time to time. That means she wants us to go over her place and eat the fried shredded beef tacos she made. My husband responds by smiling then looks at me for approval. I smile back as he tells his mom we’ll be there that afternoon. My husband’s cant help but be excited to not only see his mom who lives in a different town, he is excited to have his favorite meal.

When I am trying to be mindful for my health and fitness, what do I do in these types of situations? Without a doubt, I go with my husband. However, I mentally prepare myself.

“How many flautas will I have? I just won’t have any rice. What should I say if she asks me to get more?”

These are the kind of things I tell myself which help me manage it all very well.  If I plan ahead, I stay on track. I am able to manage my portions and make wise choices. I don’t want to miss out on precious family reunions. However, if I decide to splurge, it’s okay too.  However, I know I will pay the consequences later. (with an extra workout or extra lbs to burn off). In addition, if I decide to skip in eating the meal, it’s also okay. My family is beginning to understand the commitment and change I’m making for my health and fitness. Either way, I am in control. And with that, there is no guilt involved!

So cheers! Here’s for that extra slice of tres leche cake I had for my birthday month.

Here’s for the extra creamer on my coffee every morning.

Here’s for those extra tamales I had for navidad and the posole that followed in New Years.

And Oh yeah, here’s for those spontaneous burger dates I have with my hubs.

No shame and no guilt. I still feel confident, sexy, and strong!

So my message to you is: Enjoy the moment! Life is too short not to. Don’t torture yourself. Most importantly, stay humble and take part in your culture’s traditions. Don’t piss off your abuela by saying no to her food.

I don’t think ANY one should be ashamed for enjoying their little pleasures! No one should be shamed into weight loss. I am not saying to completely sabotage your diet. I am saying make room for the things that add color to your life. Learn how to portion those treats and learn when not to have them. After all, there is an 80/20 rule to follow. 80 percent serious business and 20 percent fun, right? Orale!

In conclusion, I am an example of an imperfect weightloss journey. In reality, I am an example of a loud and proud one because, let’s face it, there is no perfect one. Everyone has struggles and favorite food items they cannot pass on.  I maintain my weight through a healthy and active lifestyle. However, I still make room to enjoy life’s little pleasures. I put in the hard work…. but I still enjoy myself.

I am fit, strong, curvy, healthy, and happy. That’s what matters! We just have to find our BALANCE. Balance out your life. Enjoy your fav food items and don’t even feel guilty for a second. Yes, follow your meal plan. At times, you might want to follow it to a T to get the best results, if you want. But if you’re unhappy that way, be more flexible. Make room for what motivates you, accept those invitations, and stay humble.

“Gracias suegra. Las flautas estaban muy ricas!”


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