5. Going distances

Three women who have never traveled far dared to go on an adventure halfway around the world. They are mothers, wives, and whole hearted givers. While they enjoy being there for their families, it was time to take a necessary journey into fulfilling their own individual spirit. We are constantly givers. Don't forget to give … Continue reading 5. Going distances

“When you see it all, you can’t help but feel happiness and sadness at the same time”

This was me on top of Tokyo! This is the view from Skytree. I felt excited, but I also felt like crying my heart out too.Tokyo happened unexpectedly. Here I was---where I wanted to be. The trip was amazing so far, it lived up to and even surpassed my expectations. As I made my way … Continue reading “When you see it all, you can’t help but feel happiness and sadness at the same time”

Thailand 2018: What pushed me to go?

For my first international trip ever, I went to Thailand on June 2018. I traveled to Thailand and witnessed many beautiful Buddhist Temples, cities, natural sanctuaries, yummy food, and met amazing people along my journey. The journey of life might not be PERFECT, but where you end up at times IS.-I learned that the hard … Continue reading Thailand 2018: What pushed me to go?

My Weight-Loss Transformations

My Favorite Transformation: LEFT: Me April 2015 RIGHT: January 2017 "Metamorphosis has always been the greatest symbol of change for poets and artists. Imagine that you could be a caterpillar one moment and a butterfly the next." Louie Schwartzberg. Join my amazing facebook group that provides support and constantly helps me stay on track! I … Continue reading My Weight-Loss Transformations

Hiking on your own

It's understandable how worrisome and concerned others may get when we want to do things on our own. Especially for women, you sort of have to think twice before going somewhere on your own. Yes, there are certain dangers and risks we may take. However, we just need to be clever, cautious, but fearless. I … Continue reading Hiking on your own